Insurance Coverage of Abortion – HB 2292 (now part of HB 2075)

HB 2292 would prevent private insurance providers from covering most abortions under basic health care plans.   Insurance companies would be able to offer a rider for customers who want abortion coverage, but those customers would have to pay an additional premium specifically for abortion.  Currently, many insurance plans in the private sector simply offer abortion coverage as a standard part of their package, unbeknownst to most of their paying customers – both employers and employees.  Abortion is not just another medical procedure on the health care menu.  Americans who believe it to be the destruction of an unborn child, as we do, should not have to pay for other people’s abortions with their health insurance premiums.

HB 2292 text


05/13/2011 Approved by House 86-30
05/12/2011 Approved by Senate 28-10
03/16/2011 Approved by House Insurance Committee
03/16/2011 Amended into SB 65 by House Insurance Committee
02/16/2011 Hearing in House Insurance Committee; KCC testimony
02/10/2011 Introduced in House; referred to House Insurance Committee

Vote Tallies:

05/13/2011 Approved by House 86-30

Yeas 86; Nays 30; Absent or not voting: 8.

Yeas: Alford, Arpke, Billinger, Boman, Bowers, Brookens, Brown, Bruchman, Brunk, Burgess, Burroughs, Calloway, Carlson, Cassidy, Collins, Crum, DeGraaf, Denning, Donohoe, Fawcett, Feuerborn, Frownfelter, Garber, D. Gatewood, Goico, Gonzalez, Goodman, Grange, Grant, Gregory, Hayzlett, Hedke, Henry, Hermanson, Hildabrand, Hoffman, C. Holmes, M. Holmes, Howell, Huebert, Johnson, Kelley, Kelly, Kerschen, Kiegerl, Kinzer, Kleeb, Knox, Landwehr, Mast, McLeland, Meier, Meigs, Mesa, Montgomery, Mosier, O’Brien, O’Hara, O’Neal, Osterman, Otto, Patton, Pauls, Phelps, Powell, Prescott, Proehl, Rhoades, Rubin, Ryckman, Scapa, Schroeder, Schwab, Seiwert, Shultz, Siegfreid, Smith, Suellentrop, Swanson, Tyson, Vickrey, Weber, Wetta, Williams, B. Wolf, Worley.

Nays: Aurand, Ballard, Bollier, Carlin, Davis, Dillmore, Finney, Flaharty, S. Gatewood, Gordon, Henderson, Hineman, Kuether, Lane, Loganbill, Mah, Moxley, Peck, Pottorff, Ruiz, Schwartz, Slattery, Sloan, Spalding, Tietze, Trimmer, Victors, Ward, Winn, Wolfe Moore.

Absent or not voting: Bethell, Colloton, Grosserode, Hill, McCray-Miller, Peterson, Roth, K. Wolf.

05/12/2011 Approved by Senate 28-10

Yeas 28, Nays 10, Present and Passing 1, Absent or Not Voting 1.

Yeas: Abrams, Apple, Bruce, Brungardt, Emler, Kelsey, King, Longbine, Love, Lynn, Marshall, Masterson, McGinn, Merrick, Morris, Olson, Ostmeyer, Owens, Petersen, Pilcher-Cook, Pyle, Reitz, Schmidt A, Steineger, Taddiken, Teichman, Umbarger, Wagle.

Nays: Faust-Goudeau, Francisco, Haley, Hensley, Holland, Kelly, Kultala, Schmidt V, Schodorf, Vratil.

Present and Passing: Huntington.

Absent or Not Voting: Donovan.