Pro-Life Protections Act – HB 2253

The 2013 Pro-Life Protections Act:

  • Prohibits abortions performed solely because of the gender of the unborn child;
  • Forbids the use of state money for abortion;
  • Prevents tax credits from being applied towards abortion, or being claimed by organizations that perform abortion;
  • Bars state agencies from discriminating against health care providers that decline involvement in abortion;
  • Codifies informed consent information from the Kansas Department of Health and Environment’s “Women’s Right to Know” website.
  • Keeps abortion providers out of schools’ sex education classes;
  • Prevents medical residents at Kansas medical schools from receiving abortion training at state financed facilities or with state funds;
  • Contains language indicating that “the life of each human being begins at fertilization” and that the “life, health, and well-being” of “unborn children” should be protected.

Kansas Catholic Conference testimony

HB 2253 bill text


04/05/2013 Approved by House of Representatives 90-30
04/05/2013 Approved by Senate 28-10
04/02/2013 Approved by Senate 29-11
03/25/2013 Approved by Senate Public Health and Welfare Committee
03/22/2013 Hearing in Senate Public Health and Welfare Committee
03/20/2013 Approved by House of Representatives 92-31
03/07/2013 Approved by House Federal & State Affairs Committee
02/20/2013 Hearing in House Federal & State Affairs Committee
02/06/2013 Introduced in House of Representatives