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Religious Freedom…..Not What It Once Was

America remains the home of the brave — if you doubt that, google the name Michael Monsoor — but is it still the land of the free?  This question is ever more on the minds of religious Americans, who are very much on the defensive these days. The first line of the First Amendment is […] Read More >>

What About Civil Rights for Kids Who Want a Dad?

April 10, 2013 | , , | Posted in From the Director

The judiciary…will always be the least dangerous to the political rights of the Constitution. –Alexander Hamilton, Federalist 78 Alas, not quite. The Founding Fathers, formed by deep study of history’s various attempts at free societies — John Adams was reading Cicero’s Orations at 14 instead of staring at Facebook — established a system of government […] Read More >>

The Self-Cannibalization of “Pro-Choice” Feminism

In January, the nation marked the 40th anniversary of the Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade.  Over those forty years, 55 million unborn children have had their lives cut short by abortion.  Their number, and the brutal manner of their death, defy comprehension: imagine the combined population of 26 American states being wiped out — […] Read More >>

Fight or Flee?

January 7, 2013 | | Posted in From the Director

In 1999, a prominent Catholic long active in political affairs penned a letter that might well have been written today.  In it, the author, Paul Weyrich, suggested that the culture war was over and that those holding traditional values had lost.  Rather than put their hope in political victories, Weyrich counseled practicing Christians to begin […] Read More >>

We are all Caligulans now.

A growing corpus of declinist literature finds in the fall of the Roman Empire an analogy for our own times.  Depending upon the political hue of the commentator, American greatness is on the downslope because of “imperial overreach,” or economic exhaustion, or a loss of respect for republican principles — each symptoms of the disease […] Read More >>

Congressman Takes Sec. Sebelius to Task for Violating Religious Freedom

How could she possibly not be prepared to answer this question?  Nothing in the can?  Not even a phoney, HHS-lawyer-crafted answer?  After all these months of this high-profile issue, she isn’t able to describe in any way how they balanced the First Amendment right to religious freedom and the imaginary (but apparently superior) right to […] Read More >>

The Imaginary Crisis of Access

American presidents have in rare moments of national crisis laid claim to the use of constitutionally dubious “emergency powers.”  Abraham Lincoln suspended habeas corpus during the Civil War.  Franklin Delano Roosevelt issued an executive order authorizing the shameful internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II.  And while no emergency has been formally declared today, President […] Read More >>