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Congressman Takes Sec. Sebelius to Task for Violating Religious Freedom

How could she possibly not be prepared to answer this question?  Nothing in the can?  Not even a phoney, HHS-lawyer-crafted answer?  After all these months of this high-profile issue, she isn’t able to describe in any way how they balanced the First Amendment right to religious freedom and the imaginary (but apparently superior) right to […] Read More >>

More Planned Parenthood Disinformation Revealed

Legislation ending taxpayer financing of Planned Parenthood is under consideration at the state and federal level.  It goes without saying that the nation’s largest abortion provider is a morally compromised organization.  However, even those who support legal abortion should be troubled by PP’s seemingly endless string of scandals, half-truths, untruths, and bold faced lies.  This […] Read More >>