2011-2012 bills

Requesting that the Obama Administration Rescind the Contraceptive Mandate – SCR 1615

SCR 1615 calls upon the Obama Administration to rescind the “contraceptive mandate,” as it violates the fundamental right of Americans to freedom of religion and is unconstitutional. SCR 1615 text Status: 03/05/2012 Introduced in House; referred to Senate Judiciary Committee Read More >>

School Choice – HB 2767

HB 2767, also known as the “Kansas Education Liberty Program,” would establish a school choice initiative in Kansas that would give parents of low-income children choices over their children’s’ education.  The bill establishes a tax credit scholarship program where individual and corporate donors would receive a tax credit in exchange for donations to scholarship organizations.  […] Read More >>

Immigration bills – HB 2712, HB 2577, HB 2578

The state is considering a wide variety of immigration-related bills.  The Kansas bishops have submitted a statement to the Legislature that speaks to the principles that should be given sincere attention as policymakers address this issue. Statement by Kansas Bishops on Immigration bills in the 2012 Kansas Legislative Session Read More >>

Tax reform bills – HB 2560 et al

The state is considering a variety of tax reform bills.  The Kansas Catholic Conference has offered testimony that points to the principles that legislators should keep closely in mind as they address this issue. Read More >>

Pro-Life Protections Act – HB 2598/SB 313

HB 2598: Also called the “No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act” Ends state funding of abortion providers and discontinues any tax credits they may be receiving; Bans sex-selection abortions at any stage of pregnancy; Prevents abortion providers from bringing sex ed materials into public schools; Strengthens Kansas’ informed consent laws; Prohibits state agencies and employees […] Read More >>

Healthcare Conscience Rights – HB 2523/H Sub for SB 62

HB 2523 would protect health care providers from being discriminated against if they refuse to provide — or refer for — drugs and devices they reasonably believe cause abortion.  Protection of conscience rights in health care is a critically important issue for Catholics. H Sub for SB 62 Status: 05/11/2012 SIGNED INTO LAW BY GOVERNOR […] Read More >>

Local Enforcement of Federal Immigration Laws – HB 2372

HB 2372 would provide for the enforcement of federal immigration laws by local police.  Under the bill, E-Verify would be required for state and local contracts and employment.  Illegal immigrants would be denied taxpayer financed services except for in-state tuition (which may be revoked separately) and those required by federal law. The bill also contains […] Read More >>