2011 Legislation

Legislature Ends Public Financing of Planned Parenthood, Insurance Coverage of Abortion

In the final moments of the 2011 Legislative Session, the Kansas Legislature approved separate bills that would end taxpayer financing of Planned Parenthood and would prevent private insurance companies from offering coverage of abortion as a standard component of health coverage. The restriction on funding for Planned Parenthood was included in the massive annual appropriations […] Read More >>

House Approves Community Defense Act Regulating Sex Shops

The Kansas House voted 96-23 in favor of the Community Defense Act, legislation that would apply time, place, and manner restrictions on sexually oriented businesses.  Included in the bill is language preventing such establishments from building within 1000 feet of churches, schools, parks, and homes.  Statewide regulation is necessary because smaller communities often do not […] Read More >>

Kansas Senate Passes Bill Regulating Abortion Clinics, on Its Way to Governor

This afternoon the Kansas Senate approved legislation that would regulate the abortion industry in Kansas.  Among other changes, the bill would give Kansas the nation’s strongest ultrasound law and would prevent the use of telemedicine or “webcam” abortions. The vote was 24-15.  Find your state senator here and see below how he or she voted: […] Read More >>

Governor Brownback Signs Fetal Pain, Parental Consent Bills Into Law

Yesterday, Kansas Governor Sam Brownback ceremonially signed two landmark bills into law, marking a turning point in Kansas’ approach to regulating abortion.  The two bills will require minors to obtain parental consent before obtaining an abortion, and will prohibit most abortions after 22 weeks gestation based on the ability of unborn children to feel pain.  […] Read More >>

Long Overdue Bill Regulating Abortion Clinics Passes Kansas House

The House of Representatives passed legislation regulating abortion clinics today by a vote of 97-26.  The legislation now goes to the Senate where time is running out on the legislative session.  The Kansas Catholic Conference testified earlier in the year in favor of the legislation. FIND YOUR REPRESENTATIVE HERE AND SEE HOW THEY HE OR […] Read More >>

More Planned Parenthood Disinformation Revealed

Legislation ending taxpayer financing of Planned Parenthood is under consideration at the state and federal level.  It goes without saying that the nation’s largest abortion provider is a morally compromised organization.  However, even those who support legal abortion should be troubled by PP’s seemingly endless string of scandals, half-truths, untruths, and bold faced lies.  This […] Read More >>

Historic Pro-Life Bills on Their Way to Governor’s Desk

March 29, 2011 | , , | Posted in News/Updates

The Kansas House of Representatives gave final approval today to two bills that will transform Kansas, long known as the late-term abortion capital of the country, into a model for state Pro-Life legislation.  The House approved Fetal Pain legislation by a vote of 94-28 and late-term abortion and parental consent legislation by a vote of […] Read More >>