Catholic Bishops Address Immigration Bills in Kansas Legislature

Kansas’ Catholic bishops submitted testimony to House and Senate committees this week laying out their hope for a just and humane solution to the state’s immigration concerns.  The legislation under consideration ranges from a state-level guest worker program to an Arizona-style approach authorizing local enforcement of federal immigration laws. Read More >>

Immigration bills – HB 2712, HB 2577, HB 2578

The state is considering a wide variety of immigration-related bills.  The Kansas bishops have submitted a statement to the Legislature that speaks to the principles that should be given sincere attention as policymakers address this issue. Statement by Kansas Bishops on Immigration bills in the 2012 Kansas Legislative Session Read More >>

Catholic & Protestant Bishops Release Statement on Illegal Immigration

Kansas’ Catholic bishops and two Protestant bishops have released a joint statement examining illegal immigration, and the public policies that address it, from a moral perspective.  The six church leaders are offering the reflection to contribute to the public discussion and to assist in the formation of consciences on the topic of illegal immigration. The […] Read More >>

Kansas Bishops Object to Contraceptive Mandate

Kansas’ Catholic Bishops sent a letter to Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius today to register their strong disapproval of the new contraceptive mandate put in place by the Obama Administration last month.  In their letter to Secretary Sebelius, the bishops say that the mandate — which requires all health plans to cover prescription […] Read More >>

Controversial Immigration Enforcement Bill Stalls

The Kansas House of Representatives voted against a motion yesterday that would have forced debate on the controversial immigration enforcement bill HB 2372.  The motion would have pulled HB 2372 out of the Judiciary Committee where it had previously been “tabled.”  The failed motion makes it seem unlikely, though not impossible, that HB 2372 will […] Read More >>

In-State Tuition Repeal Defeated in Senate Committee

The Senate Federal and State Affairs Committee voted against legislation that would repeal the Kansas law that allows the undocumented children of illegal immigrants to pay the in-state tuition rate.  The Kansas bishops submitted a statement to the committee asking for compassion for young people who often had nothing to do with the decision to […] Read More >>

Kansas Bishops Address State Immigration Enforcement Legislation

The Kansas House Judiciary Committee heard testimony yesterday on legislation that would provide for local enforcement of federal immigration laws.  The Kansas Catholic Bishops submitted a written statement expressing their concern over the proposal and offering a broad set of principles that should inform the debate over immigration reform.  Jeanne Gorman Rau, attorney for the […] Read More >>