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Pro-“Choice”….Except When It Comes to Education

Members of the Kansas Legislature have much to concern themselves with this year.  A long-term fix to the state’s budget woes continues to elude lawmakers’ grasp.  Proposals for major changes to tax and health care policy are on the table.  Yet for some legislators, there is no issue more pressing than the need to kill […] Read More >>

What About the Right to Choose?

December 9, 2015 | , | Posted in From the Director

It is an enduring mystery how a society that has charted new heights in consumerism is nonetheless willing to tolerate an utter lack of choices when it comes to the education of their children. Americans are ceaselessly plugged into an unprecedented panoply of consumer-choice facilitating technologies, from iPhones to Amazon Prime. They have organic sections […] Read More >>

Historic School Choice Legislation Signed Into Law

April 22, 2014 | , , | Posted in News/Updates

Governor Brownback has signed a bill into law that includes a school choice program which will be the first of its kind in Kansas. The “Tax Credit for Low Income Students Scholarship Program” will empower low-income families to choose a private education that they might not otherwise have been able to afford. Under the program, […] Read More >>

School Choice Rally at State Capitol Feb. 11

February 10, 2014 | | Posted in News/Updates

On Tuesday, February 11 at 2 PM, a coalition of groups will be hosting a rally for school choice in the Kansas State Capitol.  Individuals and families interested in the issue of school choice are welcome to attend! Rally for School Choice February 11, 2014 2 PM 1st Floor, Kansas State Capitol 300 SW 10th […] Read More >>

House Votes Down School Choice Bill

March 25, 2013 | , | Posted in News/Updates

Today the Kansas House voted against legislation that would give kids from low income families, and children with special needs, the opportunity to attend private schools they would not otherwise be able to afford.  The vote was 56-63, but in a highly unusual development, because of a mistake by the representative sitting in the chair, […] Read More >>

Kansas House to Debate School Choice Legislation

March 24, 2013 | , | Posted in News/Updates

On Monday, March 25, the Kansas House of Representatives will debate legislation that would give children from low-income families and children with special needs the opportunity to attend private schools they would otherwise not be able to afford. SB 22 would establish the corporate education tax credit scholarship program.  Corporate donors would be able to […] Read More >>

School Choice – HB 2400/SB 22

HB 2400/SB 22 would establish the corporate education tax credit scholarship program.  Corporate donors would be able to contribute to scholarship granting nonprofit organizations, which would then use those private funds to provide scholarships to students wishing to attend private schools, including Catholic schools.  The corporation would then get a tax credit.  This bill does […] Read More >>